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Author Archives: Dr. Laurie Coger

Dog Owners Are Unsure About Choosing Pet Food

I recently received the current issue of Pet Food industry Magazine, and found a report on a survey performed by Purina and PSB Research. The focus of the survey was finding out what concerns owners had about their dog’s health and wellbeing, and where they found it difficult to make informed decisions. I was not … Continue reading »

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The Two Books Every Dog Owner Must Read

As I typed this title, I was struck by how infrequently we go to books for information. We pull out our tablet or phone, or run to the computer to search for information. Sometimes this results in accurate information, oftentimes not. Sometimes a staggering number of results come up (about 179,000,000 in 0.30 seconds for … Continue reading »

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Natural Health Seminar March 30

I’m very excited for my first seminar of 2014! It will be held at Shawna’s Dogs, in Glenmont, NY, on Sunday, March 30, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. I hope you can join us. In this seminar, I share how I manage and care for my own dogs. (And believe me, after a day of … Continue reading »

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Update on AVMA’s New Raw Food Policy

Just when I thought the uproar over the American Veterinary Medical Association’s asinine raw food policy was dying down, the stupidity that goes with trying to spin this as anything but inspired by the pet food industry has resurfaced. On AVMA’s own blog site, a wrap up of the House of Delegates actions at the … Continue reading »


News from Truth About Pet Food

One fun and one serious video for you… Note: The documentarybelow periodically becomes “unavailable” from video sharing sites. This copy, though lower quality than I like, is more likely to stay available. You may be able to search out a higher quality version.

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Veterinarian’s Holiday!

Ever wonder where a veterinarian might go on vacation? Maybe you heard about the scuba diving vet that removed the frisbee ring fromĀ  the shark? Well, I have something a bit more relaxing on my calender — the Canine Club Getaway in Lake George! I’m excited to be the resident veterinarian for some of the … Continue reading »

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Natural Diet Class

Announcing the Natural Diet Class! For those who missed our previous Natural Diet Seminars, or who are looking for a review, please join us for a 3 week class in May. We’ve divided up the information into bite sized pieces (pun intended!) and have an easy to follow plan to get your dog on a … Continue reading »

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